Attention! Selfpedia has moved to

It was brought to my attention that our self-promoting and whatnot does not comply with Wikia's rules. They'll delete Selfpedia if it gets too popular. So I found a lesser known host, made sure they are Selfpedia friendly, and move us over there! Go over there and make a page for yourself and all of your content.

Selfpedia is the Wikipedia of shameless self-promotion created by J.T. Smith (see, that's how it is done). Feel free to create a page about any topic, write about that topic, and include your own website as a reference. If you accomplished something, feel free to discuss it! If you compiled information in a readable format, feel free to add it to a Wiki page.

Activities to do:

  1. Create and edit pages of any topic. Feel free to add yourself in the references.
  2. Create a page about yourself.
  3. Make a selfpedia page about an article, product, or brand you've created..
  4. Clean up and edit topics. Pages may end up looking ugly on this site if not maintenanced.

What are you waiting for? Get self-promoting!

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